Videocon WallCam 2MP AHD Bullet CCTV camera review: Paramount security at affordable price-point

Videocon, a known name in TV and durables recently forayed into ‘End-to-End Security & Surveillance solutions’. The company announced its product portfolio with the launch of ‘Eco Series’ range of CCTV Solution. Videocon’s ‘Eco Series’ comprises of 1MP, 1.3 MP and 2MP AHD Indoor & Outdoor cameras and 4, 8 and 16 channel DVRs (Digital Video Recorders). The CCTV security solutions are targeted at Enterprise, Government, institutional and retail (residential and small commercial set-ups) segments.


Full metal design | IP66 certified body for protection against dust and water | Ideal for household and small retail units | Up to 30m IR range | High definition recording | Good customization functions


Bundled wireless mouse is not reliable

Videocon sent us one of its offering from recently announced security solutions for detailed analysis. Priced aggressively at Rs. 1,400, the 2MP AHD (Analogue high definition) Bullet Camera (Model no: VWC-B02-A20A6L36) is capable of capturing high definition video surveillance at 1MP to 3 MP resolution. We tested it with Videocon’s H.264 HD 4 Channel Digital Video Recorder which is priced at Rs. 2,600 for over a week and here’s what we have to say about the CCTV camera in our review.

Videocon 2MP AHD CCTV camera specifications

As the name suggests, the CCTV camera works on a 2MP HD-CMOS sensor with a size of 1/2.9″. It has a focal length of 3.6mm and uses a HD fix lens. The camera is equipped with True Day and Night ICR and is IP66 certified for protection against damage from water and dust.

The camera can function in the temperature range of -10 degree to 50 degree C and can handle humidity of 95 % and less. The CCTV camera requires a power supply of -12 VDC (+/-10 %) and consumes a maximum power of 5W with IR on. The resolution supported is 1920x1080p.

CCTV Camera Setup and HD DVR features

We set up the CCTV camera with H.264 DVR that comes with up to 8TB internal HDD support and allows you to take backup on USB and external HDD. The HD DVR is compatible with any HD camera and supports HD/SD streaming. It also comes equipped with central monitoring and offers smartphone and iMac support.

The camera needs to be fixed on wall with the help of mounting base. A drill machine will be required to drill the screw holes on the ceiling as per the template’s openings. There’s an adjustable screw mount on the main unit and the camera sensor is protected by a sun shield. Post drilling the holes, you can route the power and other cables through cable hole of the mounting base. Next step is to fix the mounting base to the ceiling with supplied screws.

DVR VWC-BV- 01-CH04 Specifications

Once you have established the camera on the ceiling or a wall, connect the required power and video cable to power outlet and DVR respectively. BNC cable is used to establish connection between cameras and DVR. The cable serves the purpose of providing power to cameras and transfers feed to the DVR for recording, video and alarm management.

Videocon Wallcam DVR units (4 Channel to 32 Channels) will be available in 1 Sata, 2 Sata and 4 Sata options and price starts at Rs. 2,600. Videocon DVR’s can display the live feed of the cameras installed on monitor and also offers various other functions like alarm management, controlling the cameras (PTZ) etc.

Video on a DVR is encoded and processed at the DVR come in configuration of 4, 8, 16, 32 and 64 channels. There was no latency noticed while watching the live video on TV transmitted by DVR that takes feed from AHD surveillance camera. The DVR is powered by a Hi-Silicon CPU and can function in a temperature range of –10°C to 55°C and humidity range of 10% to 90%.

Performance: User interface, Bluetooth enabled mouse and video feed

With a prime focus on Video Surveillance, Videocon CCTV camera can be an ideal product for household and small commercial establishments. The 2AHD bullet camera comes equipped with HD fix lens and has the ability to record video in full HD format. I mounted the camera on first floor facing the road to monitor all the activity of by passers and visitors at my main gate.

The video quality is good and you can see a lot of detailing in the live and recorded feed. Unlike some similarly priced security cameras that electronically color corrects the images, the 2AHD Bullet camera comes with an IR filter that has a range of up to 30 meters.

This allows you to monitor night activity at your property on your PC or LED TV. The minimum illumination is 0.1 Lux (Color/Day). I did not face any major issues with the video feed. Except some occasional judders that may be caused by the windy weather which can trouble the wiring of outdoor camera unit.

Take full control of your surroundings

The package comes with a wireless mouse to give you a better control over the settings of the CCTV camera unit. There are no batteries included in the package so you have to get them yourself to get started with the process. The CCTV camera’s settings provide enough functions to adjust the camera to record the best possible feed in most situations.

The above picture shows the main page of the CCTV camera settings. The ‘Record’ mode within ‘Camera’ sub section allows you to check and tweak channels, mode (Schedule, Manual and Stop), time-period and other important functions.

Customize Video feed as per your requirement

The main ‘Settings’ menu is divided into eight sub sections such as General, Encode, Network, GUI Display and some other important sections. The General mode allows you to customize date-time, language, read/write HDD function, video standard, machine name, etc. You can also set auto log out within the General section.

Within the GUI sub section, you can select the resolution type- max supported is full HD. You can also alter the transparency, change the channel type and enable the CCTV camera to display time, record status, alarm status, etc. during the live feed.

The other remaining sections in Settings menu offer almost all the required functions you would expect from a security solution. The settings menu is quite feature rich and allows you to have a proper control over the video feed to monitor your surroundings.

Motion Detect with area selection

The settings menu also offers ‘Motion detect’ mode that let you focus on certain parts of the frame in the camera’s field of view that you think is sensitive to any harm. The area selection process is fairly easy and you can select the region during a live feed. You can also customize the level of sensitivity as per your requirement.


Videocon 2AHD Bullet camera is a good value for money deal. While it doesn’t have all the bell and whistles of a more expensive high-end security camera, it manages to offer all the important features at a very affordable price-point. Videocon WallCam CCTV cameras can be planted at home or small commercial establishments such as shops/office etc. to offer customized security solutions.

Videocon is going in the right direction and with more of such products; the veteran brand can manage to gain a good percentage of security solution market in the next three years.


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