Warranty Details

We would like to start with thanking you for trusting our services and we are affirmed that you will enjoy using this product. When in need of services, you can contact your nearest Videocon WallCam Service Centre. In case our service is not available in your city, you can contact our toll free no 18001370030. Please read the instruction manual is thoroughly for better understanding.

Care And Maintenance

This manual is given to ensure a great performance and success of this surveillance system. Small hacks are given on the manual that will help maintain the life and performance of your purchase. This section will highlight some key points:

General Maintenance

Preventive measures will be elaborated in this section to give your cabling and equipment the protection against birds or other activities that can obstruct the performance of your equipment. Since birds or rodents can cause harm to the wiring system, birds can build their nest around your surveillance product especially in the winters when insects, birds and rodents come looking for a spot that is comparatively warmer.

Thus, it is advisable that you inspect your camera on regular intervals and also clean it accordingly. Dust can adversely impact the clarity, resulting in making the image blurry and obscure.

Thus, it is vital for the cameras to be cleaned from the inside and the out sporadically; cleaning the dust on both sides will enhance the performance of the camera. The cameras indoors are usually not that dirty, regardless, they require cleaning from time to time.

You can use a dry brush that is gentle at the same time to brush off the dust or you can use a compressed air can to blow off the dust from the camera or the dome. Make sure that the blowing of air is performed from a careful distance in order to keep the equipment from getting any scratches.

You can also use a micro-fiber piece of clothing to clean the inside of the dome.

Dip a micro-fiber cloth in lukewarm soapy water, in case you see grease signs on the dome, and gently clean the edges of the dome with that cloth. You must be extremely careful while cleaning the rest of the equipments as there might be insect eggs or spider webs inside

Our products come with the promise of being free of manufacturing defects along with a warrantee., however, the warranty is applicable for the first end user only. The products will be repaired following the terms and conditions manual given at the time of purchase. The terms and conditions are as below:

  • You are expected to produce the Purchase Invoice for the warranty to be validated
  • The rights are reserved with us for the warranty to be declined
  • In case you make any un-authorized adaptations or any tempering to the product, the warranty will not cover the expenses caused due to such damage
  • In case you temper with the serial number given on the product, the warranty will stand void on that product
  • In case the product has been damaged due to improper installation or the product gets damaged due to third party signal reception or in case you install a third party software, such damages will not be covered in the warranty
  • In case damages are caused to the product due to lightening, water logging, bad ventilation, dropping of the product or any inexplicable reasons that are a direct cause of natural disasters, such damages are not covered in the warranty
  • In case you lose your data/ images/ or other important data saved on the hard drive during the repair, those losses will not be covered in Warranty
  • We have the rights reserved to replace any defected parts with parts that are either equivalent or reconditioned
  • A consumer’s statutory rights under law or rights against the vendor occurring from sales/purchase of this product shall not be affected under this Warranty